HOME was a showcase for the University of Chicago dance company, UC Dancers. It explored the many changing relationships we have with the concept of "home".
As the executive and co-artistic director of UC Dancers, the University of Chicago's longest-running dance company, I produced, directed, choreographed, and performed in a 60-minute dance showcase, HOME. It focused on communicating what it means to have, lose, and search for a home through physical and verbal expression. The performance featured a cast of 22 dancers, a five-person stage crew, and four performers from another arts group I asked to perform with us. HOME was met with many positive reviews and attracted an audience of ~200 during its two-day run period. 
My roles also included securing both the space and funding to produce the show. I met with multiple different student and staff administrative groups where I presented our proposal and budget for the show to encourage them to support our company's creative venture.
Courtesy of Grace McLeod and Estelle Higgins
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