A multiplayer, online virtual learning platform for PC and Mac that increases accessibility to and engagement with many different biology topics. Students interact with fellow classmates, teaching assistants, and professors as they experience biological concepts (e.g. genetics, cellular respiration, mitosis, etc.) in new and exciting ways.

Screenshot taken from our Cellular Respiration lab

What is "UniVirtual"?
This project is still in development, so I cannot give many details before its release. For more information prior to launch, please check out UniVirtual's blog, found here
My Roles
Lead Game Designer: In my time at CNDG, I worked on 14 different game modules for a college level Biology course. Some of these modules I adapted and revised from a previous course hosted on Second Life, while others I designed from scratch. I worked extensively in Miro to create detailed gameplay loops and logic flows which were understandable and easy to read, by our teams of developers and artists, and our client.  
I met frequently with our 3D artists and developers to ensure that the design was being carried out faithfully, while ensuring that each team had the resources to accomplish these goals. I playtested our game often myself and created the feedback form for our largest student playtest.
This project also required a strong understanding of the technical subject material to ensure that my designs were accurately addressing the learning objectives of the course and the labs. I worked closely with our client (who was also our subject matter expert) to create these learning objectives and used her feedback of our prototypes to fix any errors or clarify our content. 
Assistant Producer: As assistant producer, I worked closely with our Creative Director to ensure that we were meeting appropriate internal and external deadlines. I scheduled regular meetings with our client as well as with each member of the development and art teams (our company was fully remote). This was not only to make sure we were on schedule, but also to provide any support I could, or facilitate discussions regarding blocked tasks between teams. I also helped organize our two biggest remote playtesting events.
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